My name is Jake Basile. I use a variety of names online, but now I mostly standardize on jkbsl.

I was born in Ohio, but moved to Austin, Texas. I moved here to have a bigger impact on the tech world, which just wasn't available to me in my home area.

Here, I worked for three years (ish) at Mutual Mobile, which is a great place. I did a lot of stuff there, starting with Android client development and moving into Python server code and even some DevOps flings. In September 2014, I started working at RVSpotFinder as the Senior Software Architect. I use cool things like Clojure, which is now my Favorite Thing. I put all the code I can up on my GitHub profile.

I play video games, but much less than I used to. I play on an amorphous set of platforms, of which PlayStation, iOS, and PC make up the majority. Someday I'll stream something on Twitch, maybe.

I also play less digital games like Agricola and Dungeons and Dragons. I like to play Wizards because blowing things up with my mind sounds like fun.

Sometimes I want to write longer things, so I put them here.

If you want to contact me, feel free to blast an email my way. The address is jkbsl.web@icloud.com.